▕Zmovie▕ Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker Download Torrent

Genre: Sci-Fi
release year: 2019
Creator: J.J. Abrams
Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley
Duration: 142 minute






If someone asks me if I like Star Wars, I say “yes, yes I do. But not the Disney Star Wars, the Disney Star Wars can disappear.
Now, I am not old enough to have watched the originals, but the original 3, plus the 3 prequals (say what you want about them) make a whole, purified story, there is a clear beginning, middle and end. The story of Anakin will be etched in cinematographic folk law for generations to come.
Now, what JJ Abrams, Disney et al have done with the following 3 SW films is not only an insult to SW fans, but an insult to intelligence, bank accounts and George Lucas himself. What we have with the RoSw is a shoddy, PC crazed piece of junk. It definitely cannot do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsects.
The dialogue is cheap and dry, trying to make C3PO a stand up comedian will ill-timed and badly written. The film has some great production shots, great special effects, but nothing with any soul, no sense of purpose. It feels like 2 hours of trying to wrap up the same story with as little consideration as possible.
Saying that Darth Sidious can survive due to the powers of the dark side is just ridiculous.
I cannot stand this film; everything about it was poor and just awful.

Very nice ending wrapping up the saga. I hope the haters actually go a see the movie before they write a review. No movie is the same to the one that is in our own mind. Bravo to those willing to go out and actually make it.
A fitting end to the story. Edge of your seat the whole way.